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Wild Hog Railing was designed with your landscape in mind. Whether it’s mountain views, rolling hills or the water, we no longer have to block those views with bulky plastic balusters or high maintenance wood pickets. Wild Hog Panels are the CLEAR choice.

STIX Engineered Structural Timber is manufactured from Cypress wood.  With a hollow core, it's 1/3 the weight of regular green timber and makes it ideal for concealing lighting wiring.  Kiln-drying reduces the chance of warping and is perfect when paired with the LINX Pergola System.

Wild Hog Fencing provides a quality built to last and easy to install solution for your next residential or commercial fencing project design.

The LINX Simplified Pergola System makes building your personal oasis a snap!  The possibilities are endless, limited only to your imagination. Learn more about how to use in your next project.

Check out the ways our products are being used.  From exterior to interior projects in both residential and commercial applications.  Imagine the possibilities.

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